08 November 2014


sweater: Zara / shirt: COS / jeans: Cheap Monday/ shoes: Converse / backpack: Fjällräven Kånken

Hey everyone, I'm back with another look! I thought I'd mix things up a little and try a different way of editing my pictures. In a way, I think this is more like how you perceive someone's outfit in real life: you see the whole picture but at the same time you notice all these nice little details. I wore this outfit to school last week, and it kind of brightened up my day because I like it so much.

There's actually a story behind these pants. So you might know that Cheap Monday recently celebrated its 10th birthday. To celebrate that, they handed out one thousand free pairs of jeans in ten cities all over the world, and Antwerp was one of them! So I expected it would be a total chaos, but I still decided to try my luck, and I succeeded! They're not exactly the right length, so I might make them a little bit shorter, but for now I'm just wearing them with the legs rolled up. It was not easy to combine this colour (everything I tried looked just too rock chick or something), but I ended up pairing it with a light grey sweater and a dark grey backpack. But what really makes the difference is the white shirt that I'm wearing underneath. It's made out of this fabric that's so stiff that it almost doesn't feel like cotton anymore (but it is!) and I like how it's longer in the back. Also, I've been loving this half-up top knot hairstyle lately. So, how are you guys doing?

02 November 2014

VIDEO: October Favourites!

Click here if you can't see the video.

November's here, so today I'm talking about last month's favourites. Don't forget to tell me what your favourites were, and have a nice Sunday! :)

31 October 2014

I'm little My and I bite because I like it

sweater: second hand / scarf: Zara / dress: Ebba Z for Sin / shoes: Dr. Martens

Just a quick post to wish you guys a very happy Halloween, and to show you this year's Halloween costume! This year, I decided to dress up as one of the characters from the Moomin series: Little My! She's this angry little girl, but she's very brave and adventurous as well, and I quite like her. In one of the episodes she makes a house from a giant pumpkin. So I though it would be fun to dress up as her. I'm not sure what I'll be doing tonight: I might go to a Halloween party, or I might just stay inside watching a scary-but-not-too-scary movie. What are your plans for tonight?


27 October 2014


cardigan: Monki / T-shirt: Weekday / backpack: Fjällräven Kånken / necklace: H&M / trousers: Topshop / shoes: Converse

A new week, a new outfit! I got this cardigan when I was in Göteborg last month, and I've been wearing it a lot since the beginning of the school year. As you may know, I started studying Swedish in Ghent this year, but since I don't have a room there yet, I've been spending a lot of time on the train lately. So I love to wear this to school because not only does it keep me super warm, but it's also just the most cosy thing to wear and it always makes me feel a little more at home. Besides that, I really like the shape of the pockets. For some reason, I think that comfort is one of the most important things when commuting, so I like to pair this cardigan with my white Converse, for the ultimate walking comfort, and my Fjällräven backpack, to carry all of my books (and food!).

I wish you all a happy last week of October!

17 October 2014

Long, long, long

T-shirt: Monki / coat: Monki / trousers: Topshop / headband: Brandy Melville / sunglasses: Zipper / tote bag: Filippa K / shoes: Converse

I've never had a long coat like this, but when I was in Gothenburg, surrounded by all these people in their wonderful neutral colored clothes and super long coats and cardigans, I just felt like the time was right and I got one. Isn't the way that a city can influence you like that just the greatest thing? Anyway, I just paired it with some very simple basics and I took this Filippa K tote bag, which is currently my favourite, to carry around all of my things. Walking around in the city in those clothes actually made me feel like I kind of belonged there. Do you love this coat as much as I do?